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1. Declaration by bidder in the letter head

2. EMD per truck Rs. 20,000/- maximum Rs. 2,00,000/-

3. Statement of Credentials as per Annexure-I

4. Statement of particulars of trucks offered as per Annexure-II (By relevant excel file in CD)

5. Copy of RC.

6. Copy of original invoice of quoted trucks (required in respect of trucks, where manufacturing date is not mentioned in RC book). In case Original Sale Invoice is not available then Certificate issued by Manufacturers is to be submitted.

7. Age analysis of offered trucks uploaded in relevant excel file (updated on 23.03.2018)

8. Copy of PAN Card

9. Single Page declaration “Undertaking by Tenderers” in their letter head as per Annexure-III

10. Category of bidders as per Annexure-IV

11. Copy of Individual Affidavit for all attached trucks as per Annexure-V ( trucks Registered in partner name also submit)

12. Undertaking for trucks offered duly Notarised as per Annexure-VI

13. Details of relationship (Part A, B, C & D) duly filled-in as per Annexure-VII

14. Copy of SC/ST certificate duly issued by competent authority as per Annexure-VIII or any format by the competent authority to be submitted by bidders i.e. Proprietor/All Partners/Directors. General category shall submit “not applicable” declaration by crossing the attached SC/ST certificate.

15. Copies of Registered Partnership Deed or Certificate of Incorporation (wherever applicable)

16. Copy of irrevocable Power of Attorney meeting the law of land , if applicable as per Annexure- IX

17. Proforma for confirmation on applicability of “micro & small enterprises development act, 2012 (MSEd act 2012)” including certificate issued as per Annexure –X

18. Declaration by bidder regarding Blacklisting / holiday-listing as per Annexure-XI

19. Agreement for Integrity Pact of the Contracting company as per Annexure -XII duly signed on all pages.

20. Bank details of bidder as per Annexure-XIII

21. Copy of PESO licence

22. Undertaking for proposed trucks offered as per Annexure- XIV

23. Copy of one invoice from IOC/BPC/HPC duly self attested for the Period on or after 01.01.2018 as proof of Tank Truck in use (updated on 22.03.2018)

1. Statement of particulars of trucks offered as per Annexure-II (By relevant excel file in CD)

2. Age analysis of offered trucks